Wanabee Where You Are

Wannabee Where You Are
Autores: E. Rogers – C. Sturken
Álbum: Ao Vivo No Maracanã – Internacional Extras
Artistas: Sandy & Junior

It’s Monday morning / And I can’t get outta bed / Though I know that I gotta go / Rather dream of you instead / Replay your message / So I can hear your voice / Can’t wait or hesitate / You’re leavin’ me no choice / Keep it on the down low / I try to play it cool / Keeps gettin’ stronger / And I know you feel it too / Don´t you know, baby, I’m crazy for you / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday / Only thinkin’ of you / Friday, Saturday, Sunday / Girl, you’re all I wanna do / Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall / I feel ya all the year through / I’ll take a plane, I’ll take a car / I just wanna be, oughta be, gotta be where you are / It’s Friday evening / And I finally made it through / Runnin’ every red light / Just to get to you / We’ll take our time, girl / ‘Til we see the morning light / Mad fun in the summer sun / ‘Cos we’re gonna do it right / I´m all about you, girl / And I know you’re all about me / Twenty-four seven / I need you constantly / Girl, don’t you know that’s the way it should be / Ain’t no lover like the one I got / She keeps it real, she keeps it hot / This kinda love could never be bought / Ain’t no reason we should ever part / She’s got my back / she’s got my heart / She’s the sun, the moon and the stars