The Moon and The Deep Sea

The Moon and The Deep Sea (A Lenda)
Autores: Kiko – Feghali – Nando / Versão em inglês: Brock Walsh
Álbum: Ao Vivo No Maracanã – Internacional Extras
Artistas: Sandy & Junior

Tonight we walk by the endless ocean / Caught in the tide of a deep emotion / I’m feeling things that I don’t undestand / How I wish that you would take my hand / I try to speak but my lips are silent / I only wish I could say what I meant / What should be easy suddenly is so hard / Telling you the treasure that you are / Something come between us / And it can not be disguised / Are those stars or tears in your eyes? / Just take me into your arms / Hold me closer than the night / I need to know you’re beside me / Love is a powerful thing / That can never be denied / In between the moon and the deep sea / What did I do? How do I deserve you? / Can it be so? Do you feel the same? / You must believe that I speak from my heart / Without you my world will come apart / Somethings come between us / And it can not be disguised / Let me dry the tears in your eyes