I Will Lift You Up

I Will Lift You Up (As Quatro Estações)
Autores: Sandy – Alvaro Socci – Claudio Matta
Versão em inglês: J. Jaimes – S. W-Jaimes
Álbum: Ao Vivo No Maracanã – Internacional Extras
Artistas: Sandy & Junior

I heard you cry, I saw you last night / Something really heavy playing on your mind / If you wanna talk, I’m here for you / You’re fellin’ down, you wanna give in / Feelin’ like you haven’t got the strength to win / Just turn around, I’ll be there for you / It doesn’t matter if the leaves start to fall / Or even if the sun never shines at all / Rainy days go on and on / All the lonely nights are too long / From January to December / When the Spring turns to Winter / Every minute, every hour / Anytime, just remember / I will lift you up when the seas get rough / Higher than the darkest clouds / We’ll reach the blue skies up above / We can fly away ‘til we find a brighter day / Anytime you feel alone and love has let you down / I’ll lift you up / You couldn’t see the journeys end / Can’t get off the road leading you nowhere / Just turn around, I’ll hold your hand / You take a chance, you pay the price / It doesn’t mean to say you’ll always get it right / When tomorrow comes, just try again